Power Distribution

One of the principle activities of Metricab is Electrical Power Distribution and our diverse capabilities in this field are acknowledged throughout the industry.

To enable an electrical network to function efficiently a combination of good technical and practical design is essential.  Metricab’s early involvement in a project will ensure that the design fits the bill and is workable within the constraints of a particular site or location, reducing lead times and improving interfaces.

Too often project delays are a result of poor co-ordination between disciplines and trades, but not when Metricab is involved.  Our early appointment as Principal Contractor will ensure proper coordination and cooperation are maintained throughout the duration of the project, diminishing the risk of problems occurring and alleviating the inevitable associated cost of delays.

Metricab are renowned for our excellence in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of high, medium and low voltage cables, bus bars, switchgear, transformers, generators and all heavy industrial plant, together with associated civil engineering, substation construction, electrical plant layout, cable ducting,  and cable containment.

More often than not an installation will require comprehensive containment systems to be designed to suit the requirements of a particular job.  Typically these situations are encountered in working hospitals and on many large industrial end users sites where installations are required indoors in tight and confined spaces, or outdoors on high level gantries.

Metricab’s technical ability and experience enables us to develop efficient and economical installations, ensuring optimum performance of the Client’s systems.