Sustainable and Green Energy


An energy source can be considered as sustainable if it fulfills 3 demands of energy:

  • The energy can be naturally replenished.
  • Technology should improve energy efficiency.
  • The long term availability

All renewable energy sources like solar panels jindalee, wind, geothermal, hydropower, wave and tidal power are forms of sustainable energy alternatives our commercial electrician deals with.

Metricab has for a number of years been assisting Clients to develop solutions and deliver successful energy projects.  Our team of Designers and Engineers can offer advice on delivering technically and commercially successful sustainable energy projects, whether it’s a Biofuel power project or renewable energy strategy, Metricab are able to assist.

Renewable energy is undoubtedly the way of our nation’s energy future. Supporters of a green, eco-friendly lifestyle, progressives, and techies love renewable energy. In most cases, these technologies require less overall maintenance than generators that use traditional fuel sources. Not only will you save on maintenance costs, but on operating costs as well. When you’re using a technology that generates power from the sun, wind, steam, or natural processes, you don’t have to pay to refuel. Most importantly, you’re helping decrease the prevalence of these pollutants and contributing to an overall healthier atmosphere.

Competition in Connections (CIC) means that these days everyone has the option to have grid connections work carried out by a Utility Connection Provider (UCP) such as Metricab.  Metricab are authorised to carry out Contestable Work on all UK DNO networks, which in turn provides our Clients with cost saving alternatives to the services provided by the DNOs themselves.

Until they contacted Metricab, many of our Clients were not aware that they could receive revenue from the excess electricity that they will generate by their renewable technology installations, but with Metricab’s advice these Clients now export electricity back onto the National Grid network and benefit from a substantial income in this respect.