Testing & Commissioning

Over the years testing and commissioning procedures have become more advanced and these continue to develop today, guaranteeing optimum performance of an installation and the competence and safety of those persons responsible for the operation of HV and LV systems.

Metricab offer a comprehensive range of testing and commissioning services for all HV and LV systems, including generation and control systems.  To compliment these services we maintain a vast array of modern test equipment, which is regularly tested and calibrated by third parties in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and statutory standards.

In addition to the customary test equipment utilised on power distribution equipment, Metricab has invested in equipment for Sheath Testing, Thermographic Surveying and Power System Analysis, which can be used in routine and preventative maintenance.

Evidence shows that Metricab’s early involvement in a scheme will positively impact on the performance of a Client’s systems.

Metricab invest heavily in training and none so more than for their Testing and Commissioning Engineers and Authorised Persons, who receive intensive training and regular refresher training on the safe operation of HV and LV systems and specific manufacturers operations.  Only persons that have demonstrated competence to Metricab’s Chairman, Managing Director and Operations Director will be approved for inclusion on the Company’s Register of Competent and Authorised persons.  All Engineers are monitored and regularly appraised to ensure their continued and consistent performance and safe working practices.

Metricab maintains its own safety rules entitled High Voltage Rules and Low Voltage Rules. These procedures are considered by Metricab to be the minimum requirements for the operation of HV and LV systems.  No other procedures will be adopted unless equal or superior to those documented therein.

Our Testing and Commissioning Engineers are highly qualified and possess many specialist skills, which enable them to carry out a vast array of engineering services on many different types of manufacturer’s equipment.  They also work autonomously from our installation teams, guaranteeing maximum efficiency of our Client’s plant and equipment.