Protection and Control Panels

Metricab realises that a correct protection and control scheme is fundamental to the effective operation of any electrical distribution system under normal and fault conditions.  Our highly qualified Engineers are able meet the most demanding of specifications and can design schemes that seamlessly interface between the components of an individual site, providing optimum performance of a Clients system.

The following schemes are regularly installed by our Engineers

  • Over Current and Earth fault
  • Unit Protection of Cables, Bus bars & Transformers
  • Blocking and Back Tripping
  • Trip Circuit Supervision
  • G59/G75 Protection
  • Auto Re-closure
  • Intertripping

Protection can be either supplied integral to the Switchgear itself or mounted within custom built Protection Panels.  Metricab are able to provide Protection Relays supplied by all major manufacturers to ensure that the correct protection and optimum performance is guaranteed.

All installations are verified on-site by Metricab’s Testing and Commissioning Engineers and test certification is provided for the Client’s records.