Cable Installations

Metricab’s capabilities in this field are demonstrated by our JIB Registration as a Major Cabling Contractor and our NERS accreditation for the installation of cabling and jointing up to and including 33kV.

The cabling services that Metricab offer range from 400V LV networks to 33kV mains and associated control systems, in both hard wire and fibre. Locations vary considerably from external underground networks to high risk industrial and commercial environments, which are frequently power critical. For instance in hospitals, data centres and manufacturing plants.

All cabling operations are supervised by Metricab’s highly qualified and experienced Project Managers and all operatives are directly employed, JIB Graded, skilled, competent and appropriately qualified to undertake these specialist activities.

In our Horsham warehouses Metricab maintains an extensive array of modern plant and equipment to facilitate the highest and safest standard of cable installation, including Winches with Dynamometers and recorders, which will ensure that “pulling tensions” are correctly maintained to avoid unnecessary stress and damage to the cable and the results recorded.