HV & LV Maintenance

To compliment our electrical power distribution and installation services, Metricab is pleased to offer our Client’s a comprehensive and planned maintenance facility.

With the Electricity at Work Regulations demanding that employers inspect their electrical installations and monitor records and test results to ascertain the effectiveness of these preventative systems, many Clients consider this service invaluable.

Metricab’s Engineers are pleased to carry out a detailed survey of equipment on site and formulate “free of charge” a comprehensive Planned Maintenance Schedule.  This schedule, together with a fixed price Quotation is then offered as a basis for a Maintenance Contract, to be carried out on an agreed cycle.  This Client is at this stage under no obligation to accept our recommendations and we will not charge for our services.

The routine maintenance of equipment is carried out by competent operatives and works typically include:

  • Cleaning and de-greasing
  • Operations and Safety Checks
  • Secondary Injection of Protection Relays
  • Oil Sampling and Testing
  • Add bitumen tape to the pipelines to prevent corrosion
  • Oil Re-cycling and Conditioning

This service is qualified by a fully comprehensive report, detailing our Engineer’s findings, any remedial action required or taken, recommendations and advice on safety, statutory regulations and signage, and manufacturer’s recommendations.