Jointing and Terminating

Metricab’s NERS accreditation demonstrates our capabilities for Cable Jointing and Terminating on cables up to and including 33kV, including highly specialised and non-standard cable joints.

Metricab’s Approved Cable Jointers are highly skilled, regularly monitored and appraised in accordance with the requirements of our in-house standards and indeed our NERS accreditation.  They are each provided with extensive training and receive regular product awareness guidance, to ensure that they are always ahead of the game as technology progresses in the industry.

When an emergency occurs the diversity of our capabilities is supported by the vast stock of cables, jointing and terminating materials and equipment that Metricab maintains at its warehouses in Horsham.  This service has proved invaluable to many of our Clients over the years and we are yet to discover a situation that has eluded our expertise.