Power Transformer Installation

Positioning of large power transformers can be a simple off-loading and positioning exercise, but more often than not it will involve negotiating a challenging route, which will require significant planning.  Metricab regularly undertake the planning and supervision of transport, off-loading and positioning of transformers and the preparation of relevant safety and statutory documentation.  These challenging situations are encountered by Metricab on a regular basis and our experience in coordinating such tasks will ensure a seamless and safe delivery of the Client’s plant.

Modern technology currently offers the opportunity to provide Control Systems and Low Loss Transformers, which can optimise the Clients use of energy, produce significant financial savings and considerably reduce their carbon footprint.  Metricab’s engineering team is on hand to provide advice.

In accordance with the transformer manufacturer’s recommendations, Metricab is also regularly employed to carry out routine maintenance including oil testing and replacement, and Tap Changer adjustments.