Charing Cross Hospital

Client’s Business: Charing Cross is a general acute hospital that provides a full range of adult clinical specialties. It is also a key site for the teaching of medical students from Imperial College London.

Location: Charing Cross Hospital – Fulham, London

MPE Role: Principal Contractor

Value: £1.3 million

Brief Scope of Works:
As part of the Trust’s long-term strategy to upgrade Charing Cross Hospital’s electrical infrastructure, the works were required to replace existing power Transformers that were operating beyond their design life and represented a risk of failure. The project focused on the replacement of 3 No. Transformers at SS1 and 5 No. at SS2. In addition, the scheme incorporated alterations to the intake arrangements of the LV Switchboard SS1B fed from SS1 to provide “No Break” Generator testing.
All electrical, mechanical, building and civil works were carried out in-house by Metricab’s directly employed team.