Power System Analysis

Metricab is pleased to offer services for Power System Analysis, a technique adopted whereby a multitude of power measurements are analysed and recorded to identify any type of disturbance that a supply may be subjected to.

Capable of analysing three-phase systems as well as single-phase, very little is omitted from our spectrum.  Frequency, VAR, VA VOLT, (true RMS), AMPS (true RMS), Current Crest Factor and more readings are available at the touch of a button.

Because our modern equipment is portable and manufactured from insulated materials, if necessary it can be connected to a panel and left to monitor a supply system for several weeks, without affecting the circuits or causing disturbance to the system.

Commonly used to detect problems in distribution network systems, Metricab’s Clients regularly employ us to carry out:

  • Measuring Harmonic Distortion & Current Waveforms
  • Measuring Efficiency of Motor Control Centres
  • Verifying Anticipated Energy Savings and Lighting Retrofits
  • Measuring Power Factor & Determining if a System is Capacitive or Inductive
  • Diagnosing Power Related Equipment Performance Problems
  • Diagnosing False Tripping of Breakers
  • Detecting, Recording & Analysing Transient Effects on Critical Loads

All Surveys are qualified by a fully comprehensive report detailing all areas where disturbance has occurred on the distribution network and our Engineer’s recommendations for rectifying any faults identified.