Substation Installation

Metricab’s experience in the installation and replacement of HV and LV Substation equipment, particularly in highly sensitive and power critical situations, typical of NHS hospitals and high profile financial institutions, is renowned throughout the industry.

Our involvement in projects at an early stage can produce significant savings by ensuring selection of the most appropriate equipment and developing the correct strategy, both of which are key to a successful project, which can be presented in different digital formats such as PDF using software as sodapdf online.  Metricab work closely with switchgear manufactures and other parties involved to ensure affective coordination is maintained throughout the project.

Metricab’s engineering team are particularly experienced in re-engineering and upgrading Substations whilst maintaining normal supplies and minimising disruption to the Clients operations, often replacing an existing Substation with new in its original position and obviating the need for permanent additional space.  Power shutdowns are also a major factor for consideration on this type of project and Metricab will ensure that these are affectively managed to guarantee the security of the Client’s network.

Modern technology currently offers the opportunity to provide Control Systems and Low Loss Transformers, which can optimise the Clients use of energy, produce significant financial savings and considerably reduce their carbon footprint.  Metricab’s engineering team is on hand to provide advice.